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More About Us

  • Who are you?
    We're three former animation classmates who were tired of our creatively devoid, deadend jobs. We decided to start on a new passion project with the main goal being to make what we want and to make eachother laugh.
  • What is Natural Habitat Shorts?
    Natural Habitat Shorts is a series of animated videos on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter. The characters were orignally created by Brennan in college. The original concept was to create a 1-3 minute short interviewing real world grocery store employees and customers. The goal was to form a mockumentary style narrative out of the dialogue and intercut animal talking head segments with b-roll of them wreaking havoc. Because we had full time jobs, we reconsidered the length of our videos and found that TikTok and Instagram reels were the perfect medium for short form animation.
  • What program do you use?
    We use Blender, a free 3D software. We also use After Effects for editing and Procreate for backgrounds and 2D animation.
  • When's the next video coming out?
    We try to post a new video every two weeks on Thursdays! It is a very lengthly process and life occasionally gets in the way so sometimes it may be delayed, but there is always a new one coming!
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